August 22, 2016

Reservoir Engineers

We are looking for Reservoirs Engineers with a minimum of 5 years experience from the oil industry, with the following skills:

  • Good understanding in G&G, petrophysics and production/operations related issues
  • Experience in Reservoir Characterization (special core analysis, logging, etc.)
  • Good understanding in Fluid Characterization (Equations of state, fluid sampling, etc.)
  • Excellent understanding in Field Reservoir Engineering (reservoir studies, fluid dynamics, reservoir modeling (Eclipse), production forecasting, reserves estimation, etc.)
  • Basic Well testing design, execution and pressure transient analysis.
  • Integrated surface and subsurface modeling (using integrated asset modeling methodology)
  • Experience with the standard suite of industry software.
  • Excellent presentation and effective communicator skills
  • Prepared to work in different¬† environments.

Location: Stavanger, Oslo or Bergen.