March 27, 2019

Data Management Guide

All about data management in one place

The Data Management Guide (DMG) is a website where all information pertinent to data management in your company are assembled. The DMG also has a natural place in the overall governance of data in your company and can be adapted to the scope of data you want to include – and expanded, as need be.

You can tie the DMG directly into your Business Management System.


  • Governance, policies, roles, responsibilities and authorities, based on international standards, if requested, as ISO 38505 Governance of Data, and DAMAs DMBOK
  • Data flow
  • Data management activities and requirements within core work flows
  • Quality requirements
  • Applications information
  • Definitions (as disk structure, naming conventions, formats/standards, abbreviations, geodetic information)
  • Data management services


  • Envision offers support in setting up the guide, based on the rules and guidelines already in place

Envision supports establishing governance and guidelines, based on their extensive experience in, especially, subsurface data management.