March 27, 2019

Core data

Envision offers a normalised database of core data from released wells on NCS

We load and QC all the public core data on NCS to our Core database. For our Customers, we export the data in various export structures.

  • To excel format structures, including full export with well header, value description and values following the original SPWLA specification, also on name conventions (value description, units, etc).
  • To well-name, X, Y, Depth, Values.  

Since all the SPWLA information from the SPWLA files are loaded into the database, we are also able to support different output formats to the Customer’s requirements.

The process on the SPWLA files are:

  1. QC well names on known variations, so they have as correct format as possible
  2. Check well names against NPD well names, to secure the well names are correct
  3. Identify files that are not in ASCII format -> most possible they are in EBCDIC format
  4. If in EBCDIC format:
    1. Convert them to ASCII
    2. Put in the line shift (no line shift during the EBCDIC to ASCII process), so the files follow SPWLA specification
  5. Load the SPWLA data into the core database
  6. If error on loading, manually edit the data if possible, and reload it.


  • All public core data on NCS are available from our database
  • Data on excel format in several structures
  • The data structure may be customized according to customers’ needs
  • ASCII delivery possible


Envision will

  • Do QC on well names, checked and corrected against NPD
  • Use the naming convention according to the SPWLA specification & standard
  • Convert SPWLA files in EBCDIC format to ASCII format, before load
  • Populate all information in the SPWLA files in our care database
1/2-2 North Sea
1/3-12 S North Sea
11/5-1 North Sea
15/12-19 North Sea
15/12-21 North Sea
15/12-23 North Sea
15/12-23 A North Sea
15/3-A-5 North Sea
15/6-9 S North Sea
16/1-14 T2 North Sea
16/1-15 A T2 North Sea
16/1-19 S North Sea
16/1-20 A T3 North Sea
16/1-21S North Sea
16/1-23 S North Sea
16/1-A-10 North Sea
16/1-A-11 North Sea
16/1-A-2 T6 North Sea
16/2-10 North Sea
16/2-11 North Sea
16/2-11 A North Sea
16/2-12 North Sea
16/2-13 A North Sea
16/2-13 S North Sea
16/2-14 North Sea
16/2-14 T2 North Sea
16/2-15 North Sea
16/2-16 North Sea
16/2-18 S North Sea
16/2-19 North Sea
16/2-19 A North Sea
16/2-20 A North Sea
16/2-20 S North Sea
16/2-21 North Sea
16/2-3 North Sea
16/2-4 North Sea
16/2-5 North Sea
16/2-6 North Sea
16/2-7 North Sea
16/2-7 A North Sea
16/2-8 North Sea
16/3-4 North Sea
16/3-4 A North Sea
16/3-5 North Sea
16/3-6 North Sea
16/3-7 North Sea
16/3-8 S North Sea
16/4-10 North Sea
16/4-4 North Sea
16/4-5 North Sea
16/4-6 S North Sea
16/4-8 S North Sea
16/4-9 S North Sea
16/5-3 T2 North Sea
16/5-4 North Sea
16/5-5 North Sea
16/7-8 S North Sea
17/12-4 North Sea
2/1-13 ST 2 North Sea
2/4-21 North Sea
2/4-21 T2 North Sea
2/4-K-09 North Sea
2/4-VB-07 H North Sea
2/7-B-08 B North Sea
2/8-18 S North Sea
24/9-9 S North Sea
24/9-P-4 H North Sea
25/10-12 ST2North Sea
25/11-24 North Sea
25/11-27 North Sea
25/11-G 24 North Sea
25/11-G-27 North Sea
25/2-17 North Sea
25/4-6S North Sea
25/4-7 North Sea
25/4-9 S North Sea
25/4-E-1 H North Sea
25/5-7 North Sea
25/8-7 North Sea
3/7-8 S North Sea
30/11-10 North Sea
30/11-14 North Sea
30/11-6 North Sea
30/11-7 North Sea
30/11-8 A North Sea
30/11-8 S North Sea
30/3-A-24 North Sea
30/4-D-1-H North Sea
30/5-3 S North Sea
30/6-26 North Sea
30/6-27 North Sea
30/6-C-8 A North Sea
30/8-1 SR North Sea
30/8-4 S North Sea
30/9-20 S North Sea
30/9-21 A North Sea
30/9-25 North Sea
30/9-B-24 B North Sea
30/9-F-26 North Sea
30/9-F-6 North Sea
30/9-J-13 H North Sea
31/2-M-41 North Sea
31/2-N-11 AH North Sea
31/4-A-7 North Sea
31/7-1 A North Sea
33/2-2 S North Sea
34/10-48 S North Sea
34/10-53 AT2 North Sea
34/10-54 A North Sea
34/10-54 S North Sea
34/10-B-35 A North Sea
34/10-C-50 North Sea
34/10-E-1Y1 H North Sea
34/10-G-3 HT2 North Sea
34/11-A-13 T2 North Sea
34/11-A-3 North Sea
34/11-A-6 North Sea
34/12-1 North Sea
34/3-1S-T2 North Sea
34/3-2 S North Sea
34/3-3 S North Sea
34/4-12 A North Sea
34/4-12 S North Sea
34/5-1 S North Sea
34/6-2 S North Sea
34/6-3 A North Sea
34/7-23 A North Sea
34/7-23S North Sea
34/7-33 North Sea
34/7-34 North Sea
34/7-C-5 HT2 North Sea
34/7-H-2 H North Sea
34/8-13 A North Sea
34/8-13 S North Sea
34/8-14 A North Sea
34/8-14 S North Sea
34/8-16 S North Sea
34/8-A-1 H North Sea
34/8-B-1 H North Sea
35/1-2 S North Sea
35/11-11 North Sea
35/11-13 North Sea
35/11-14 S North Sea
35/11-15S T2 North Sea
35/11-16 S T2 North Sea
35/11-17 North Sea
35/11-17 North Sea
35/11-18 North Sea
35/11-20 A North Sea
35/12-2 North Sea
35/12-3 S North Sea
35/12-4 S North Sea
35/12-5 S North Sea
35/3-7 S North Sea
35/8-5 S North Sea
35/9-10 A North Sea
35/9-10 S North Sea
35/9-12 S North Sea
35/9-6 S North Sea
35/9-7 North Sea
35/9-8 North Sea
6201/11-3 R Norwegian Sea
6302/6-1 Norwegian Sea
6305/4-1 Norwegian Sea
6305/5-B-2 AH Norwegian Sea
6305/5-M2 T2 Norwegian Sea
6305/7-D-7 H Norwegian Sea
6305/8-2 Norwegian Sea
6305/8-A-2 H Norwegian Sea
6305/9-1 Norwegian Sea
6306/3-2 Norwegian Sea
6306/6-2 Norwegian Sea
6403/6-1 Norwegian Sea
6404/11-1Norwegian Sea
6405/10-1 Norwegian Sea
6405/7-1 T2 Norwegian Sea
6406/12-4 S Norwegian Sea
6406/2-7 Norwegian Sea
6406/2-8 Norwegian Sea
6406/2-Q-1 H Norwegian Sea
6406/2-R-4 H Norwegian Sea
6406/3-6 Norwegian Sea
6406/3-9 Norwegian Sea
6406/9-1 Norwegian Sea
6407/1-5 S Norwegian Sea
6407/1-7 Norwegian Sea
6407/1-7 A Norwegian Sea
6407/1-B-3 H Norwegian Sea
6407/10-4 Norwegian Sea
6407/12-2 Norwegian Sea
6407/2-6 S Norwegian Sea
6407/5-2 S Norwegian Sea
6407/6-6 Norwegian Sea
6407/6-7 S Norwegian Sea
6407/7-7 S Norwegian Sea
6407/7-8 Norwegian Sea
6407/8-4 S Norwegian Sea
6407/8-6 Norwegian Sea
6407/8-6A Norwegian Sea
6506/11-8 Norwegian Sea
6506/11-9 S Norwegian Sea
6506/11-A-2 H Norwegian Sea
6506/11-A-4 H Norwegian Sea
6506/12-12 A Norwegian Sea
6506/12-12 S Norwegian Sea
6506/12-H-1 H Norwegian Sea
6506/12-I-1 AH Norwegian Sea
6506/12-J-1 H Norwegian Sea
6506/12-N-1 H Norwegian Sea
6506/12-N-4 H Norwegian Sea
6506/12-Q-2 H Norwegian Sea
6506/9-1 Norwegian Sea
6506/9-2 S Norwegian Sea
6506/9-3 Norwegian Sea
6507/10-2 S Norwegian Sea
6507/11-1 Norwegian Sea
6507/11-3 Norwegian Sea
6507/11-6 Norwegian Sea
6507/11-8 Norwegian Sea
6507/12-1 Norwegian Sea
6507/12-2 Norwegian Sea
6507/2-4 Norwegian Sea
6507/3-10 Norwegian Sea
6507/3-4 Norwegian Sea
6507/3-7 Norwegian Sea
6507/3-8 Norwegian Sea
6507/3-9 S Norwegian Sea
6507/5-6 S Norwegian Sea
6507/6-4 A Norwegian Sea
6507/7-14 S Norwegian Sea
6507/7-A-15 A Norwegian Sea
6507/7-A-28 B Norwegian Sea
6507/7-A-50 Norwegian Sea
6507/7-A-52 Norwegian Sea
6507/7-A-52 Norwegian Sea
6507/7-A-53 Norwegian Sea
6507/7-A-56 Norwegian Sea
6507/7-C-2 Norwegian Sea
6507/7-C-2 H Norwegian Sea
6507/7-C-3 H Norwegian Sea
6507/7-C-3H Norwegian Sea
6508/1-2 Norwegian Sea
6604/10-1 Norwegian Sea
6605/1-1 Norwegian Sea
6605/8-1 Norwegian Sea
6608/10-12 Norwegian Sea
6608/10-14 S Norwegian Sea
6608/10-16 Norwegian Sea
6608/10-8 Norwegian Sea
6608/10-9 Norwegian Sea
6608/10-H-3 H Norwegian Sea
6608/11-3 Norwegian Sea
6608/11-4 Norwegian Sea
6705/10-1 Norwegian Sea
6706/11-2 Norwegian Sea
6706/12-1 Norwegian Sea
6706/12-2 Norwegian Sea
6706/12-3 Norwegian Sea
6706/6-1 Norwegian Sea
7/11-11_S Barents Sea
7/11-12 S Barents Sea
7/12-A-09 A Barents Sea
7119/12-4 Barents Sea
7120/1-3 Barents Sea
7120/6-2 S Barents Sea
7120/6-3 S Barents Sea
7121/4-D-1 H Barents Sea
7121/4-E-4 HT2 Barents Sea
7121/4-F-2 H Barents Sea
7121/8-1 Barents Sea
7122/6-2 Barents Sea
7122/7-2 Barents Sea
7122/7-3 Barents Sea
7122/7-4 S Barents Sea
7122/7-5 Barents Sea
7122/7-5 A Barents Sea
7123/4-1 A Barents Sea
7123/4-1 ST2 Barents Sea
7125/4-1 Barents Sea
7130/4-1 Barents Sea
7131/4-1 Barents Sea
7218/8-1 Barents Sea
7219/8-2 Barents Sea
7220/10-1 Barents Sea
7220/11-1 Barents Sea
7220/11-2 Barents Sea
7220/11-3 Barents Sea
7220/11-3 AT2 Barents Sea
7220/2-1 Barents Sea
7220/4-1 Barents Sea
7220/5-1 Barents Sea
7220/5-2 Barents Sea
7220/6-1 Barents Sea
7220/6-2 Barents Sea
7220/7-1 Barents Sea
7220/7-2 S Barents Sea
7220/8-1 Barents Sea
7222/1-1 Barents Sea
7222/11-1 Barents Sea
7222/11-2 Barents Sea
7222/6-1 S Barents Sea
7224/6-1 Barents Sea
7225/3-2 Barents Sea
7226/2-1 Barents Sea
7226/2-1 T2 Barents Sea
7226/2-1 T3 Barents Sea
7324/2-1 Barents Sea
7324/7-2 Barents Sea
7324/9-1 Barents Sea
8/10-4 S North Sea
8/10-5 S North Sea
8/10-6 S North Sea