January 19, 2016


EnFind is a tool to manage, visualise and analyse pressure data and logs

EnFind consists of a database which handles both production and “open hole pressures” with little administration. The visualization module can plot data in 2D and 3D, which gives the opportunity to plot pressure, depth and time with zone and segment information, all in one plot. Gradients can be applied real time while interpreting the plot. EnFind can include other types of data like temperatures, porosity, mobility and documents.


  • Well data management
  • Flexible database structure
  • Advanced 2D/3D visualization module
  • Platform independent
  • Multi-user authorization


  • Well data analysis and interpretation
  • Database creation and management
  • In-house database hosting
  • Support

Integration of pressure data in geological description

When oil is produced in a field the initial pressure is disturbed and fluids start to move. How and where these fluids are moving in the reservoir depends on the reservoir architecture as well as the production strategy. During production this picture gets more complex. Heterogeneities in the zones disturb the flow pattern, fault and fractures may force flow along or across fault planes and give a complex flow and pressure picture.  To include this in the reservoir description, the analysis tool EnFind is developed where all pressure sampled during production history is integrated with reservoir zonation and segmentation as a function of depth and time.