January 19, 2016


User-friendly and powerful software to create a full inventory of all your business critical data

The amount of data collected by companies increases every year. Data is moved, copied and archived without any overview of the situation. eSpider crawls though the data and create an inventory of everything detected on multiple local or network disk areas.

The inventory can produce multiple reports to ascertain possible issues and challenges with the data. By using the advanced cleanup tools provided by eSpider can help to reduce or optimize storage costs.


  • Advanced search engine to find files on multiple storage areas using both metadata and file content
  • Tag files to use in searches and reports
  • Scan, build and manage an inventory of one or multiple storage areas using eSpider’s index database technology
  • Use filters to customize scan
  • Collect metadata and present statistics
  • Remove obsolete and duplication data using built-in reporting system
  • Track trending file types and file ownership
  • Compare storage areas cross network and type (Internal storage, USB storage, Network storage)
  • Divide all data into categories
  • Deploy crawlers directly on storage servers
  • When renaming a file through the application, keep track of file the history


  • eSpider is delivered as an in-house application for your own operation.
    • Training is provided
  • eSpider is installed and used on project-based approach, with support from experienced Envision personnel


  • Distribution groups – Present all files in groups (Size, Age, Extension, Owner, Duplication)
  • Unique files – List files unique when comparing multiple storage areas
  • Duplicate files and folders / Unique files and folders
  • Empty files and folders
  • Deleted files and folders – eSpider keeps track of deleted files and folders for historical purposes
  • File header search – Search and find files using file header
  • Intersect – Display all files shared by multiple storage areas
  • Difference – Display all files not shared by selected storage areas

eSpider Dash Charts