August 14, 2019


Our advisors are excellent sparring partners when changes, improvements or new organizational situations are forthcoming, also during an execution phase

Services Overview

Envision offers advising within the areas of

  • Data management improvement projects
  • Planning for data management activities throughout organizational changes as mergers and asset acquisitions
  • Digitalisation strategy and efforts
  • G&G mentoring

Envision can also support the practical carrying out of most activities following the advising and/or planning activities.

Data Management Improvement Projects

Envision advisors can support change and improvement initiatives regarding

  • Structured data management, standard-related if requested
  • Identification of Improvement opportunities and project set-up
  • Implementation support

Data Management and Organizational Changes

Envision’s personnel/advisors are familiar with data management in situations as M&A and asset take-over, and can offer

  • Project set-up, execution and management
    • Data migration and validation, ensuring data quality, readability, uniqueness and completeness
    • Clean-up


Envision advisors are familiar with the modern-day dataflow and technology

  • The sequence and elements in the dataflow – what you need to be aware of and consider in building a digitalization strategy, and what alternatives that can be designed
  • What to prioritize, and what are minimum requirements
  • Multi-cloud situations
  • User requirements, use-cases
  • The initial steps

G&G Mentoring

Envision has expert G&G professionals that can be dedicated your team on an on-off basis

  • Train, support and mentor new geoscientists
  • Special issues
  • Support in short peak-periods, e.g. as team leads