January 19, 2016

Data management

Delivering subsurface Data Management services
As the complexity and volume of information increases, oil and gas companies must continually improve their data management staff, procedures and technology.
Envision Streamline provides services that help our clients achieve these goals cost-effectively, and with a high degree of flexibility.

Our Data Management specialists have experience from international oil and service companies. We provide a full range of data and information management services:

PDM (Project Data Management)

  • Data administration, PetroBank usage and support, geo-data steering, data formatting, data quality control, data cleaning, data loading, procedures and standards
  • Experience with a wide variety of data management – and exploration tools and integrated workflows

Seismic and well data services

  • Data overviews, retrieval from PetroBank and other sources, reformatting, quality control and cleaning, conversion, scaling and loading into workstations, NPD reporting
  • GeoFrame, SeisWorks, R5000, Kingdom Suite, Petrel, etc.

Application support
Our consultants handle most of the applications and data bases used in the industry. Some of these are:

  • OpenWorks, R5000, GeoFrame, Petrel, Kingdom Suite, RMS, PetroBank, CDS, Finder, ESRI – products, OpenSpirit, Geolog, Recall

Other services

  • NDR (National Data Repository) advising and support, advising and evaluation when purchase of new software or data management tools, technology advising, application architecture
  • Site assessments, data flow analysis and design, standards and procedures
  • Project management and coordination of smaller and complex data management projects
  • GIS services