January 19, 2016

Geoscience Consultancy Services

Highly qualified, enthusiastic technical specialists with experience from major  international oil companies, ready to bring our expertise to your organisation.

Exploration – innovation grounded in experience 

  • successful, free thinking explorationists with a broad experience base from Norway, UK  and basins around the world
  • new ventures: country and basin screening, play analysis, risk mapping, prospect generation, licence round and farm-in evaluation
  • maturation of prospectivity on licenced acreage:  detailed seismic mapping, structural evolution, trap definition, development of reservoir distribution concepts
  •  experience with a wide variety of exploration tools and integrated workflows

3D geomodelling – our know-how techniques to model you geological concept

  •  Mastering the full model building cycle thanks to an unrivalled expertise in 3D modelling software and reservoir characterisation
  •  Data integration from seismic to simulation to a better reservoir description
  •  In-depth knowledge acquired in clastic and carbonate environments   by modelling Europe’s most complex oil and gas fields

Visualisation – clearer subsurface understanding

  •  leading expertise in 3D volume interpretation
  •  training and mentoring in volume interpretation techniques and workflows
  •  applying a 3D perspective to complex structural and stratigraphic problems
  •  effective visualisation of pre-stack seismic and calibration of rock properties

Potential field modelling and interpretation

  •  integrated modelling of gravity and magnetic data: from full crustal scale to individual structures
  •  reducing uncertainties in your seismic interpretation

 Optimising well positioning and operations

  •  exploration, appraisal and development –  careful analysis before selecting  well locations to give the best possible  results
  •  experts with a wide experience of wellsite and operations geology