January 19, 2016

Gravity and Magnetics

Add further confidence to your geological models through integration of potential field geophysics.

As independent and non-seismic parameters like density and magnetic susceptibility are integrated into basin screening and prospect identification, understanding of geological structures can be more constrained. Traditionally, potential field studies have been used in the early phases of petroleum exploration. However, gravity and magnetic data quality have improved significantly over the last decades, as data resolution is higher and acquisition more accurate. Moreover, with a variety of filters, it is possible to resolve smaller more subtle structures, and therefore obtain a more versatile understanding of subsurface geology.

Envision can provide consultation and interpretation services which integrate gravity and magnetics with seismic and geological data.


  • Support seismic interpretation and reduce uncertainties
  • Define and constrain salt volume and geometry
  • Depth to basement estimation and basement morphology
  • Detection of intrasedimentary intrusives
  • Help to optimize the design of seismic surveys
  • Filter applications – increased resolution

Crustal scale – Not dependent on seismic

  • Earth Model building
  • Moho Depth
  • Crustal type and basement provinces
  • Margin type – volcanic / non-volcanic
  • Continent Ocean Boundary mapping
  • Data compilation and integration – bathymetry, sediment thickness, basement depth

Basin scale – Preferably integrated with seismic

  • Basin outline
  • Structural domains
  • Basement depth
  • Presence of intrusives/extrusives

Prospect scale – Integration with seismic interpretation

  • Salt geometry
  • Sub-basalt structure
  • Basement vs. sediment scenarios
  • Quarternary features, e.g. magnetised sand-channels
  • Test of seismic models