March 28, 2019

Tape & Disk Clean-Up

Preserve valuable data cost effectively

Data on tapes and disks represent a great value for any oil company, and caution should be taken to ensure it stays this way and is managed carefully. Envision has experienced personnel who knows how to review a tape collection to ensure the benefit of effective storage balanced against other requirements, as

  • Authority requirements, as reporting to Diskos
  • Overview, to reduce risk of loss
  • Readability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Availability and retrieval time

Envision works with field tapes, pre-stack gathers and post-stack seismic data.


  • Develop/revisit strategy for storage and maintenance of seismic data
  • Arrange, with partner, remastering of tapes to reduce volume, storage expenditure, and secure readability
  • Document tapes/disks stored at external facilities and do a gap-analysis between data kept by the company and Diskos
  • Create overview of USB-disks and other media stored locally by the company
  • Locate and decide what tapes can be disposed of for data already stored in Diskos
  • For older data, check if data stored at external storage facilities have been reported and loaded to Diskos