Daniel B. Williams

I’ve spent over 30 years in the industry as a petroleum geologist with Mobil, Roxar, Suncor and Envision, in Dallas, New Orleans, Stavanger and Houston.

I have extensive experience in the development and production environment, with an emphasis on translating asset team visions of reservoirs into accurate 3D static and dynamic reservoir models using advanced geostatistical modeling techniques. I have experience working on well planning and operations teams, having wrapped up a multi-well drilling/appraisal campaign during my time with Suncor. I have initiated and coordinated a number of external geological studies and act as a mentor and advisor to asset team members and exploration staff on geomodeling issues and the integration of different types of data in the 3D domain.

Project management of integrated reservoir modeling projects around the world, involving liaison across disciplinary lines. I am an organized, thorough individual and value a team approach to problem solving and am able to work effectively with different disciplines and cultures. Worldwide experience includes projects in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Permian Basin, Middle East, Vietnam, Indonesia and Venezuela.